US Blockchain Association names Irish woman as board member

Jillian Godsil
4 min readJul 25, 2018

Jillian Godsil, Cryptocurrency Advocate, was unanimously nominated to the Board of the U.S. Blockchain Association, having joined a female-majority organization dedicated to promoting Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies for the masses.

The U.S. Blockchain Association (U.S.B.A.), a non-profit trade association headquartered in California, U.S.A., announces that Jillian Godsil, leading Irish Crypto advocate, has been invited to join the Board of Directors. The U.S.B.A. has a focus in creating jobs and opportunities in America. In an alliance with other associations worldwide, the U.S. Blockchain Association is planning to install 50,000 Cryptocurrency-enabled ATMS and point-of-sale terminals to create a Global Cryptocurrency Payment System (GCPS) across the U.S.A.

U.S.B.A. is also dedicated to the twin principles of promoting female leadership and opportunities in this sector, as well as reaching out to international Blockchain communities. Godsil is named one of the top-50 global women in Blockchain, and is actively speaking and chairing Blockchain conferences across the world. She has 30-years of international public relations and journalism in the financial technology field. She changed the law in Ireland in 2014 and is a former European Parliamentary candidate. She is a lead journalist with

“Blockchain is the single biggest innovation since the Internet and it has the ability to utterly transform our world for the better — on glbal terms. Ever since Blockchain and I became acquainted last year I have felt hope for the first time in a decade. Joining the Board of the U.S.B.A. is a great honor and I hope to create strong bonds with the Blockchain community in America and back in Ireland — and beyond,” she says.

Godsil is active in Blockchain her native Ireland where she is a member of the Irish Blockchain Expert Group (I.B.E.G.) and is working with Blockchain Ireland, a portal to position Ireland internationally in this field. She also advises a number of really interesting ICOs and Blockchain projects from around the world.

Alisha M. Forrester Scott, President of the U.S. Blockchain Association says, “My initial conversation with Jillian Godsil proves that her community services experiences, obvious talents, and skills are…