Save the Planet and Earn Money

Jillian Godsil
6 min readOct 23, 2020

Stefan Rust, founder and CEO of Sonic Capital, has used his time in COVID to kick start the next version of his career and one that may be his defining legacy: he is on a mission to save the planet and make money. Take that world, kapow!

First let’s travel through his journey to world-saving, money-earning domination. Born in Hong Kong, Stefan was educated in Switzerland but when he finished his education, he wanted to find out more about his roots, about China and to learn Mandarin. He returned home and soon stumbled across the burgeoning mobile sector in China, quickly becoming engrossed in building out networks in this sector. Next stop Sun Microsystems, of ‘the network is the computer’ fame, where he helped grow the ecosystem around Java on their mobile phones. He was becoming adept at building communities around new powerful modern technologies.

It was a logical step to move from China to Hong Kong, where the money was to fund the growth.

“The actual melding of Chinese entrepreneurs and engineers with the capital markets in Hong Kong didn’t happen as fast I imagined but I was learning how to build communities — with speed.”

Stefan saw the innovation provided by software developers driving efficiencies through more streamlined processes and workflows. He put together a developer agency supporting and managing…