MRHB DeFi backed by Polygon Technology to build Decentralised Philanthropy Protocol DePhi in World’s first Halal Ecosystem

Jillian Godsil
4 min readDec 20, 2021

Ethereum’s biggest DeFi chain Polygon and ethical DeFi platform MRHB DeFi are leading the charge on the next big thing in DeFi — decentralized philanthropy — or DePhi for short which is estimated at over USD 300 billion each year in Muslim countries alone with around USD 1.5 trillion in assets held by around 160,000 foundations globally.

“Polygon has become one of the leading full-stack scaling solutions for Ethereum, given its speed and scalability,” says Deniz Dalkilic, MRHB DeFi CTO. “As Marhaba strives to achieve its end goal of building a comprehensive, secure and scalable ecosystem where liquidity is a priority, we are thrilled to announce our integration with Polygon. To expand our presence on Polygon we have received a grant from Polygon to optimise our solutions for their network.”

The Polygon team has been enthusiastic in its support of the ethics-based startup, recognizing that MRHB DeFi is the first Islamic finance d’App. Polygon has agreed to support MRHB DeFi’s plan to develop a sidechain solution that opens up DeFi to millions globally. The two parties have recently signed an agreement which puts into writing their aim to bring philanthropy to the crypto space, stating that:

  • MRHB DeFi intends to build its DePhi (Decentralised philanthropy) protocol on Polygon technology, which would be a dedicated philanthropy protocol based on funding social initiatives for the benefit of the community, using the quadratic funding model.
  • With this solution, MRHB intends to catalyse the crypto philanthropy ecosystem, with focus on being the first mover in channelling the annual Zakat contributions of the Islamic World (est. USD 300 billion annually)

Quadratic funding is a technique that applies mathematics to ensure the optimal funding — more democratic, more scalable — of community and social, charitable initiatives.

Bringing Philanthropy — a Key Pillar of the Islamic Faith — to DeFi

DePhi forms a key part of MRHB DeFi’s strategic plans for its protocol. As part of MRHB’s approach to supporting a more ethical and community focused approach to decentralized finance…