Life Long Learning

Jillian Godsil
10 min readMar 18, 2019

We speak for the guts of two hours and only slow up when the time was chiming and other calls were waiting. It is ironic that the majority of his career was to create a huge electronic business that turns over in excess of $100million and is a publicly floated company and yet we spent less than five minutes on that topic. We would have spent less again only his son recently transitioned to President of the company and we talked about him more so than the Plc. Which seems to point to the fact that the really important stuff in life happens in the beginning and the end; with the middle being — well maybe the middle is for “just” living.

Of course, before James attacks me with a poker let me also add that we are not talking about endings, not in that sense, just the timings of life. James has said he is not afraid to die which is not the same as being prepared to die; he has a lot to do before he reaches that plateau. A lot.

As a result, I am not sure if I should begin at the end, as in the story, or the beginning. However, as I am feeling mischievous today I think I may start at the end. Spoiler alert: contains blockchain, mining, and gold.

James is the CEO of Tokenoro, an asset backed blockchain platform, based on Worbli which is the sister chain of EOS. Worbli terms itself the financial district of EOS where the community is already KYC’d. TokenOro is addressing the need for precious metal mines, especially gold mines, to raise capital to extract the ore. Often if the mine is located in Western Africa is it seen as too risky an investment for many financiers.

All investments tokens will be backed by gold and linked to the assets creating investments having “a solid floor but a flexible ceiling.” When you purchase a TokenOro token, 50% will go to purchase gold bullion, gold bullion certificates and/or cash that will be placed in a secure, insured gold vault and 50% will go into mining production and company operations.

The company has multiple mining partnership projects. They are located in North America in Montana and Nevada, and also in Africa in the country of Guinea. Each mine has gone through extensive geological surveys, costing millions of dollars. Based on geological surveys and NI43–101 reports, the company is targeting deposits that have inferred and indicated resources of more…