Disrupting the Motor Industry

Jillian Godsil
3 min readJan 30, 2020

Rouder, a motor ecosystem already operational in Russia, is looking to get a jump on self-drive legislation in Europe targeting the second-hand automotive market. It is gunning for $1 billion revenue in just five years which is a fraction, just 0.6%, of the overall automotive market.

The original automotive ecosystem, Remontista, was set up to provide lower overall motoring costs for car owners. Regardless of the purchase price of the motor, average yearly running costs are in the region of $1,200. In fact, older cars can often cost more with higher taxes and repair costs. The Remontista platform enables its customers to reduce their car ownership costs by lowering the costs of maintenance and repair services in a chain of mechanic shops and by offering rewards in a loyalty program, cash back for purchases at gas stations, and discounts for insurance products. On average the platform claims to reduce costs of ownership by a whopping 40%.

The platform is already available in Russia with more than 200,000 members on board. Now Remontista — renamed Rouder — is being rolled out across Europe, beginning with Germany, then France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and other countries following shortly afterwards. In addition to the loyalty programme, Ronder is tackling the holy grail of automobiles — self driving cars. However, the platform is not aimed at new cars and manufacturers but second hand cars already on the road.

“If you want to buy a car that is autonomous-drive ready from the manufacturers then you are…