X8 AG. (X8) in preparation for the launch of its crypto X8currency stable coin, X8 is planning to have their common shares apply for listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) with cross listings planned for the Open Market Segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE) in Germany and the Over the Counter Market (OTC) in the USA.

X8 AG has selected Listing Partners Sarl, as exclusive financial advisors in connection with the listings.

Listing Partners will be advisors and underwriters to X8 in a contemplated pre-listing offering of common shares through syndication of the issue to its underwriting group…

Blockchain Finance Forum: Europe 2021, April 28 & 29, 2021

At the virtual 2021 Blockchain Finance Forum, Jillian Godsil is moderating the ‘Blockchain Platforms revolutionizing the Insurance Industry by Driving Innovations’ panel on day two, April 29, at 11 am. The panel will discuss different cases for blockchain in insurance from customer onboarding, KYC requirements, securing operational efficiencies and reducing costs through the introduction of smart contracts and blockchain.

The panel consists of Antonio Di Marzo, Head of Products, B3i, Turlough O’Brien, Head of IT, Commercial Lines, Aviva and Jags Rao, Group Head of Supply Chain Innovation & DLT, Swiss…

Panther Protocol Co-Founder Anish Mohammed to talk about personal financial data

Anish Mohammed, Co-Founder and technology and architecture lead for Panther Protocol, will speak as part of an expert panel at The Data Economics Festival to discuss Exploring the Power of Personal Financial Data, joining Vinay Kuruvila, Head of Product Engineering at Venmo; Gary Fan, EVP and Chief Banking Officer at Gateway Bank; James Nicholls, Managing Director of Braithwate, Raonak Ahmad, General Partner of Skywalk Capital; and Sirtaj Brar, Director at The Data Economics Company. …

Panther Protocol, the privacy protocol, was established this quarter to offer privacy-compliant services for decentralized finance. Panther Protocol addresses a key issue of privacy facing DeFi users, especially those engaged in sophisticated investments and loans in this sector.

Serial entrepreneurs and technologists form the backbone of the company. Oliver Gale, CBDC inventor joins forces with Dr Anish Mohammed, cryptographer and ZK proofs expert, to offer a strong technical solution to overt and unwelcome transaction exposure in DeFi.

Decentralised Finance is a boon for people looking to invest, earn interest and make loans using their cryptocurrencies. …

Bitt.com founder and former President, Oliver Gale, welcomes the news that DCash, the Bitt-designed central bank digital currency (CBDC), developed in partnership with the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), has become the world’s first retail CBDC to be publicly issued within a formal currency union.

Gale, who founded Bitt.com back in 2013 to develop CBDCs and to become a blockchain mobile payments provider, remains active with the company since stepping aside in October 2020 to pursue other complimentary business opportunities. Gale says:

“It is inspiring to see the first real life implementation of cross border CBDC transactions. The Caribbean needs…

Panther Protocol is building an end-to-end privacy protocol for digital assets (zAssets), which can be deployed in a compliant way on any public blockchain.

“Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.”

Edward Snowden

Panther Protocol’s unique value proposition entails:

  • Privacy for any digital asset
  • Interoperability
  • Compliance
  • Strong privacy by default
  • Unique architecture with gatekeepers, mixers, and privacy mining

Panther Protocol currently counts 17 team members, and nurtures one of the most open and thrilling…

Graffiti Queens’ Virtual Art Exhibition April 3rd

‘We wouldn’t be Kings without our Queens.’ Darren Cullen, Graffiti King.

The Graffiti Queens’ Virtual Art Exhibition takes place on April 3rd in Decentraland. For the first time in Crypto Art History there is an all-female, no artist limit, no rules apply, no fees, no application, and non-platform specific Crypto Art Show.

Celebrities such as Pussy Riot and Viktoria Modesta are taking part, Paris Hilton is talking about it and it’s curated by CryptoYuna.

Dan from Makerspace and Decentraland is bringing the Venus of the Metaverse into creation and David Moore, founder of…

Amjad Pirotti, my lottocoin.com

What if we could take the power of blockchain and use that to make lotteries joyful again. Consider the community lottery held in your local club or town — it’s a means of raising money for a local or shared endeavour — the price is not high and the winnings are very transparent. Of course, the payout tends to be small — a combination of low volume and the desire to fundraise over actually winning vast sums. But what if that model could be twinned with national or hyper-national concepts? What if we could make the…

Jillian Godsil

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